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The Island Building Company of Sarasota is a Florida Sub Chapter S Corporation that was incorporated by Rod Jacobson in 1992. Our office and principle place of business located in Nokomis, FL is staffed by professional personnel who maintain the communication, clerical and design aspects of the business. Like all credible businesses today, these processes are assisted by the latest technology with the most up to date software and programs. In addition to the above mentioned office staff we employ project supervisors; represented under our "Key Personnel" heading, as well as an experienced staff of carpenters for work on our projects. Although much of our work is subcontracted, this in-house staff of highly skilled craftsmen allows us to complete many tasks ourselves and have a much better control over project scheduling. All company personnel are covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance and a benefit package. The Company’s operations, vehicles and equipment are covered as well. In addition, all subcontractors must provide proof of insurance and licenses that apply before commencing work on our projects.

Since the inception of The Island Building Company, we have been involved in the construction of new custom homes, as well as all aspects of the rebuilding or remodeling of existing homes. Most of the work performed by the Company has been on waterfront projects on the barrier islands of Florida from Anna Maria to Manasota Key, with the majority preformed on Casey Key. In addition the Company has completed a number of projects inland, including several residential projects in the Oaks Club in Osprey as well as a few local commercial projects.

Most of the Company's projects range in cost from $200,000 to more than $2,000,000 and are completed under a negotiated cost plus fee contract. Business has been largely generated by word of mouth advertising and repeat business for prior clients, a testament to our workmanship, and a benefit that the Company takes great pride in. Business has also been supplemented by referrals from design professionals, realtors the Company has worked closely with over the years and the visibility of our projects that encourage potential clients to call us.

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Philosophy of The Island Building Company:

The business philosophy of The Island Building Company is one that has been largely encouraged by example summarized to contain the following points:

1) Within certain limits, complete each aspect of every project as if you personally were going to live with it or in it when you are done.

2) Be respectful of the client’s opinions and decisions regarding the project and try to put yourself in their place when you are responding to those decisions and resulting directives.

3) Approach each project as a businessman who gains pride and satisfaction from completing a well built house and not as a businessman who builds houses for a living. This does not mean that you can ignore the fact that you must maintain a positive balance sheet or you will not be around very long to experience the pride of building a quality home, but if the only concern is the bottom line, the building process would not be rewarding for neither the client nor the company.

4) Unless given a legitimate reason to think otherwise, treat each tradesman who works on your projects with courtesy and respect and you will both be rewarded by a good working environment and a good end product.

5) Unless given a legitimate reason to act otherwise, maintain loyalty to suppliers and subcontractors and pay them on time. This is important as constantly bouncing around between suppliers and subcontractors to save a few dollars on bids will ultimately cause our projects to suffer in quality of service and timeliness of service. Suppliers will not make an abusive contractor their first priority.