The Permitting and Regulation Process
One of the challenges of building in Florida post 2002 is dealing with the myriad of codes, rules, and regulations that govern the process. This is further complicated by building on waterfront where all of the construction activities are regulated by both state and local agencies that impose different and sometimes conflicting standards. It is certainly not territory for the uniformed or weak of heart.

I feel very confident that we are as qualified as anyone I know in dealing with this process. Our building experience on the waterfront in Sarasota County has allowed me to get to know both the procedure and personalities that regulate the permitting at both the state and county level. In the process of obtaining state permits for which I have been the agent, I have traveled to Tallahassee a number of times to consult with the regulators there. I think that I have impressed them, in that I understand the proper way to obtain and implement a state permit and also laid the groundwork for a good ongoing working relationship. We also have a good relationship with the local field engineer for the state.

At the county level, I am very familiar with the permitting process and all persons that administer it. Again, like at the state level, I have made an effort to educate myself in the process and deal with it intelligently and respectfully. This approach has been very rewarding and I feel I have a very good relationship with the County. This has been increasingly important with the adoption of the new building codes, the burden of understanding them, and discussing their interpretation with the County officials.

In summary, I can assure you that throughout your project, it will benefit from my relationship with both the state and county permitting officials.

-Rod Jacobson
Owner and C.E.O. The Island Building Co.